Staff Members

Staff Members Position
Johnette Dixon, RPA, RTA, CTA, CCA Chief Appraiser
Randall Taylor, RPA Deputy Chief Appraiser
Robby Beard Administrative Assistant
Michael Wharton, RPA, CCA Appraiser
Michael Martin, RPA Appraiser
Cindi McGinley, RPA Ag Appraiser
Claudia Samford Deed Clerk
Megan Kammer, RPA Business Personal Property Appraiser
Laura Velazquez, Class I Appraiser Deed Clerk, Appraiser
Rosa Escobar Exemption Clerk
Jessie Hermes GIS Mapper
Evangelina Garcia Exemption Clerk

Board of Directors

Board Members Position
Tim Hardt Chairman
Jody Jacobs Vice Chairman
Mamie Navarro Secretary
Cindy Segovia Member
Clay Bell Member
Melissa Lutz Tax Assessor-Collector

Agendas and Minutes

ARB Board of Directors

ARB Board Members Position 
Phil Pawlik Chairman
Erin Braden Secretary
Joe Fohn Vice Chairman
Leroy Arnold Member
Vivian Lee Davis Member

AG Advisory Board of Directors

AG Advisory Board Members Position
Hilton Stinson Chairman
Scott Saathoff
Vince Gilliam
Jacob Schweers
Russell Roberson
Contact Information
Monday - Friday
8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
Chief Appraiser
Johnette Dixon
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